Jewelry Appraisals

A jewelry appraisal is an estimation of the value of a specific piece of jewelry in a specific context. The jewelry appraiser is the person you trust to make that estimation.
A diamond ring being appraised by the jeweler with a magnifying glass. Jewelry Appraisals
Appraising jewelry is a varied process, but generally speaking, the appraiser evaluates the piece through a series of tests, weights, measurements, visual observations and mathematical formulas to try to best estimate the specifics of the piece without disassembling it. Once the specifics of a piece have been ascertained, a value needs to be established. There are multiple types of appraisals and they each have different uses and applications, as well as different pricing criteria. A retail replacement appraisal is, essentially, exactly what the name suggests: how much it would cost to replace the piece of jewelry, new, at the time that the appraisal was performed. There are also fair market value appraisals, which are an evaluation of what a piece of jewelry, in its current condition, would sell for in a non-pressured transaction between a willing seller and a willing buyer. Additionally, there are liquidation appraisals. These imply a need to sell rapidly, and they are an assessment of what could be expected from a quick sale. The majority of the appraisals we are asked to perform are retail replacement appraisals, usually for insurance purposes, but we offer all types of appraisals at our jewelry stores located throughout Sonoma County and Marin County.

There is no licensing board for jewelry appraisers. That being the case it is especially important to get to know your appraiser and their experience and history in the jewelry industry. We at Gold Rush have been performing jewelry appraisals for both customers and insurance companies for nearly thirty years now and between our associates, we have well over 100 years of experience in the industry. This collective experience is important; we have different people with different areas of expertise which is incredibly valuable when examining all different types and styles of jewelry. We have a GIA Graduate Gemologist, numerous GIA Accredited Jewelry Professionals, an expert in estate and vintage jewelry, nine jewelers with different specialties, and multiple college degrees in jewelry. We also have a network of other jewelry professionals located throughout the country who we frequently consult with as well.

We want you to feel secure and comfortable both with us and with the appraisal process. If you have any questions we welcome them. Please give us a call or come in and visit one of our four locations in the North Bay Area:

With over 35 years doing business in the greater North Bay area, Gold Rush Jewelers is a name you can trust!

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