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“I needed a watch battery, so I went into the store near me. The employees were a great help, and they did it in under 7 minutes. Very quick and efficient. The lady who helped me was super sweet and did a wonderful job. I highly recommend this store due to how quick they get things done as well as having a nice atmosphere to be in.”

Billy B., Petaluma, CA

Jewelry in Petaluma, CA

Jewelry Repairs & Watch Repairs While You Wait

Terri Imboden Lewis has been in the jewelry business since 1986 and manages Gold Rush Jewelers in Petaluma, CA. In those years she has developed a specialty, helping to design countless beautiful custom jewelry pieces for her clients. She has a degree in diamonds from the Gemological Institution of America and has been all over the world to buy diamonds and colored gemstones and jewelry. She takes pride in a fully-stocked showroom that has something for every occasion and every person. She is an expert in bridal jewelry and loves helping her clients select the perfect wedding ring or bridal jewelry for that special day! Her store carries Bridal lines by Tacori & Veraggio among many others and a full selection of loose diamonds for custom designs.

Terri has the knowledge & ability of a jeweler to examine and estimate any jewelry or watch repair necessary and, in many cases, she can also appraise your fine jewelry for you while you wait.

Woman standing smiling at Gold Rush Jewelers in Petaluma, CA.

We Offer Complete Jewelry & Watch Repair Services in Petaluma, CA

Jewelry Repairs, Ring Sizing & Watch Battery Replacement

Most repairs will be performed while you wait. Quality Guaranteed.

Gold Rush Jewelers Is Proud To Be Located In Petaluma

The first view of the great valley filled me with emotion. It was a case of love at first site, which better acquaintance would only deepen…nowhere, was there a scene of such beauty and suggestion of everything desirable for man.

~Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo

Péta Lúuma was originally the name of a Miwok village located near the current borders of the city of Petaluma, meaning ‘hill backside’. It was, no doubt, a pleasant place to live, with a Mediterranean climate and plenty of game. Certainly, when Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo received the land grant of 66,000 acres that included what is now Petaluma and Lake View, he was delighted. It became his Rancho Petaluma where he constructed Rancho Petaluma Adobe. Built in 1836 from adobe bricks Rancho Petaluma Adobe still stands today, part of the Rancho Petaluma Adobe State Park. As one of the largest examples surviving of Monterey Colonial style, and one of the largest privately owned adobe structures in California, it is worth a visit and is a National Historic Landmark. Vallejo himself lived in Sonoma, but the Rancho Petaluma was enormous, and 600-2000 people worked there in its heyday.

Unfortunately for Vallejo the ranch’s heyday was short. Shifting politics ceded California to the United States, and one week after California became a state gold was discovered, cementing its position, and bring an influx of settlers to towns like Petaluma. Because of the town’s position on the Petaluma River between San Francisco and the Sierra Nevadas it soon became a prosperous center of trade and agriculture, supplying the burgeoning needs of the region.

Over time Petaluma came to be known for agricultural products – particularly chickens. For some time, Petaluma was named the “Egg Capital of the World” as well as “Chickaluma”, hosting the only known chicken-centric drugstore and being the birthplace of the egg incubator in 1879. While Petaluma may no longer be the egg capital of the world, it still home to significant agriculture from olives to wine to dairy to veggies. And it enjoys the advantage of having some amazing older architecture. Many towns and buildings in the area were destroying during the devastation of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake but Petaluma has a particularly firm bedrock and it stood strong. Because of this, Petaluma is still home to some fabulous Queen Anne, Victorian, and Eastlake style buildings, placing the downtown commercial district on the National Register of Historic Places. That same wonderful architectural heritage has led to Petaluma being chosen as a filming location for numerous movies including American Graffiti and Peggy Sue Got Married. Speaking of movies, Lloyd Bridges, father of Jeff Bridges and Beau Bridges, was an alumnus of Petaluma High School. Another alumnus is Winona Ryder.

A rich and varied background have helped form Petaluma into the vibrant and thriving community that we at Gold Rush Jewelers are so grateful to be a part of. We love our Petaluma community and all the treasures it holds.

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