Together Forever engraving done on two white gold rings. Jewelry engraving services.At Gold Rush Jewelers, we are keeping that tradition alive by offering high-quality jewelry engraving services¬†with a quick turn-around. While there was a time when the wait for your finished engraving could be days, weeks or months, as the artisan hand-carved your design with a set of tiny gravers, we realize that, in most instances, that simply won’t fit into your schedule. We use a pantograph machine to aid our engraver, increasing accuracy, uniformity, and reproducibility, while also shortening the amount of time needed to complete the engraving; so much so that many engravings can be picked up the same day they are dropped off.

From monogramming a baby cup or silverware set for that special new addition in your life to engraving a favorite saying or motto onto commemorative gifts for your wedding party, or putting a message of love on a framed photo or inside a ring for someone beloved, engraving is a wonderful way to make a gift into a treasured memory.

Where to find jewelry engraving services?

All four of our Gold Rush Jewelers’ stores offer jewelry engraving services. Feel free to call us or come visit one of our locations in the North Bay area:

When did engraving start?

Engraving is a time-honored tradition; the earliest known example of this art form is a chiseled shell found in Trinil, Indonesia, where the first Homo Erectus was discovered and dates back to between 430,000-540,000 years ago. In metal, the earliest known examples date back to the first century BCE. While methods and techniques have evolved and changed over the centuries, the driving force to create something unique and beautiful: a memory, a piece of art, a treasured memento, has not diminished.

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