At Gold Rush Jewelers we have the equipment and expertise to make sure your jewelry and eyeglass repairs are done right. In addition to traditional soldering techniques we have a laser welder. There are many advantages to using a laser welder for certain repairs. While traditional soldering forms a tight seam it requires heat. Heat is essential to joining metal. Depending on the metal, traditionally soldered pieces needed to be heated to varying degrees to ensure that the solder will flow in the seam. With laser welding, however, the jeweler can focus a laser beam as small as .05 mm directly on to the area to be soldered. This is good news for fragile stones, moving parts, and jewelry that has a patina or has been enameled, as all of those things are sensitive to heat. With traditional soldering techniques such items require extra steps to be repaired safely, if it can even be done at all! With the control of the laser welder, combined with its ability to work on a wide range of metals (gold, silver, platinum, stainless and high strength steels, titanium, and aluminum), this powerful tool opens up whole new avenues of jewelry and eyeglass repair.

Jewelry laser welding machine

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If you are not sure how we can use the laser welder on your jewelry or what difference it makes in your pieces, our team of professional jewelers will be happy to assist you and clarify how this procedure works. Give us a call today or visit any one of our Gold Rush Jeweler locations in the North Bay area:

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