5 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Watch Battery

Product Description

Leather watch opened with repair tools

1. To maintain your watches warranty.

If you’ve read the Manufacturer’s Replacement Battery Manual you will find that most warranties require you to send your watch out to an Authorized Dealer or repair center to prevent voiding the warranty. We are your authorized repair center.


2. To protect your watches abilities.

If your watch is supposed to be water resistant or water proof then opening the back of the watch up will always break your seal and gasket, and your watch will no longer be air-tight. If not properly done your watch from then on will leak, get wet and corrode the insides with rust.


3. Some watches need to be Jump-started!

Yep, some watches need to get re-started by taking narrow-pointed tweezers and connecting Point A inside your watch with Point B.


4. Some Batteries have Symbols, Weird Markings, Numbers, Words, or even nothing at all to identify the type of battery it is.

Plus it gets trickier, because some batteries look alike. Some are the same width, but NOT the same depth. Some are low voltage and some are high voltage. Finding the correct battery size and type can be a large task.


5. The back cover can warp!

Seriously! So many people try to push the cover back on thinking they’ve did it. Many don’t succeed! Many actually bend the back. Once you warp that metal cover, it gets extremely tough to straighten it back up again and snap the cover on.

If you are considering watch battery replacement, it’s a good idea to let the Pros at Gold Rush Jewelers do it. We are trained by the manufactures of many of the world’s best watches. And we care about your watch like it was our own. We know you want to take care of your precious time piece, so please bring it to us for the best service available.

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